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    Version 2.0RC3


Stacey was devised as a simple framework for extending static html websites. It is essentially a regular-expression-based templating system which uses a file system datastore rather than a traditional database.

The stacey project is based around two simple ideals:

  1. to remove the requirement of html knowledge to manage site content
  2. to remove the requirement of php knowledge to edit html templates.

These two ideals map directly to the /content and /template folders respectively.

This is achieved through three core components, a text file parser, a template parser & the file system datastore. These fit together to make an extremely flexible and powerful content management system.


The entire codebase is around 600 lines of code, so it should be fairly easy to read through, get an idea of how it works and extend for your own purposes.

The project is maintained over at, so pick through the code, suggest improvements, or fork it and fix things yourself.